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Capistrano Avenue Elementary

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Student's Behavior Expectations

Capistrano Avenue Elementary School ~ Behavior Expectations








Be Safe

Walk to assigned area

Follow game rules

Stay in your assigned areas



Walk in quietly

Wait your turn for a bathroom stall

Keep water in the sink

Wait your turn for a bathroom stall

Keep water in the sink


Walk to the fountain

Stand on two feet behind the waiting line

Keep all body parts to yourself


Always walk

Keep a safe distance from doors and poles

Stay on walkways

Walk directly to after school program at the end of the day

Wash hands before eating

Keep your food on your tray, in your hands, or in your mouth

Sit on the benches



Sit quietly on your bottom

Criss-cross apple sauce or dangle feet towards floor


Keep all body parts to yourself

Be Respectful

Listen to adults and play leaders

Use your body appropriately

Be a good sport

Share and be friendly

Use kind words


Stay in your own bathroom stall

 Keep your eyes and all body parts to yourself

 Keep the bathroom clean


Wait for your turn

Count to ten and stop drinking

Keep the water in your mouth


Use quiet voices


Chew with your mouth closed

Use quiet voices

Allow anyone to sit next to you

Say “please” and “thank you”

Use kind words


Walk in and leave quietly

Stay quiet with a closed mouth

Keep eyes on the speaker

Show appreciation with polite applause


Be Responsible

Play appropriate games for assigned areas.

Take care of equipment and return it

Stop! Breathe! Think! Before you react!


Take care of your business quickly

 Report problems to an adult

 Wash your hands before you leave


Keep the water for drinking only

Tell an adult if there is a problem with the water fountain


Know where you are going and go there directly

Stay with adults after school


Keep your area clean

Take care of your trash


Follow speaker’s directions

Stay seated until dismissed

Put your chair up when you leave

Keep your hands on your lap